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As a collective, we have created a large number of interesting and innovative video games for game jams across the years.

Here you will find them all compiled.

17 Dec, 2018
A surreal horror adventure about David Lynch and his work.
24 Oct, 2018
A newly adorned culinary ghost, you have one task - to find the least spookable animal in a quiet Seattle household.
23 Oct, 2018
Suspend your disbelief for a moment and consider a dimension in which logic and convention have no lease, where daily events defy reason, where reality bounds the zone of unreality.
28 Jan, 2018
Working to protect their utopian homeland from dangerous rebels, a government official deciphers enemy messages.
25 Apr, 2017
The party is never as fun as the afterparty.
15 Apr, 2017
A relaxed reimplementation of the classic.
20 Feb, 2017
An experience in goat protection and incredibly fast game production.
22 Jan, 2017
You control the landscape, not the player.
22 Jan, 2017
A blind protagonist infiltrates a high-security complex using only the sounds reflected off the environment as a guide.
22 Jan, 2017
Their heartbeat may be stopped, but their brainwaves are at your command.
20 Apr, 2016
A game in which carrots are harvested through artificial selection for a despotism in a frigid climate.
20 Apr, 2016
A Flappy Bird clone with the twist that you have to alternate screens, plunging both under the water and soaring above the land.
31 Jan, 2016
A choose-your-own text adventure in which a pugilistic child grapples with a narrator that is attempting to kill him off.
31 Jan, 2016
An RPG adventure set in an edible world of leafy greens and condiments.
15 Dec, 2015
A geometric puzzle game where starfields must be crossed and enemies duly avoided.
24 Nov, 2015
Sudoku-based puzzle-platformer.
25 Aug, 2015
A mystery adventure in which a malevolent duck disposes of the victims of a haunted house.
07 Jun, 2015
A llama without opposable thumbs is tasked with creating bland food in a discernibly Orient locale.
21 Apr, 2015
Bizarre minigame mayhem in which you can, amongst other things, shave the baby.
25 Jan, 2015
An oblong being navigates a apocalyptic cosmological hellscape in attempt to restore balance to the universe.
25 Jan, 2015
A girl commits property damage of escalating severity in order to escape from a series of cavernous rooms.
25 Jan, 2015
Edgy beat-em-up featuring a mass-murdering moustachioed maniac.
08 Dec, 2014
In an ever-changing construct, a girl must navigate labyrinthine passages to find her escape.
08 Dec, 2014
Ascend platforms and avoid enemies.
26 Aug, 2014
Galactic turtle action on hostile planets.
29 Apr, 2014
Marine RPG adventure in which a baby turtle conquers the seas with its flippers and faces unexpected challenges.
26 Jan, 2014
An alien baby and patriarch journey across surreal wastes after their vehicle breaks down.
13 Jan, 2014
Surmount pixel platforms in faded pastel hues.
16 Dec, 2013
Fantasy platformer with only a single respawn point as a lifeline.
16 Dec, 2013
A game in which you are constantly moving on rails and must move around a maze of tracks with switches to reach the goal.