> Members

As a loose creative collective, we have a lot of members:

Co-founder, lead developer and music producer with too many unfinished projects to share.
Co-founder, level designer and artist with the ability to harness insanity during the second half of game jams.
Top-tier Twitter shitposter and storywriter with an interest in reviving 90s adventure formats.
Developer and designer with a strong interest in digitising his table-top game ideas.
Music producer and software developer with a very sarcastic sense of humour.
Artist and programmer frequently found laughing, playing board games and eating good food.
Co-founder, creative game designer and musician with a somewhat sardonic Twitter presence.
Inspired voice actor with the ability to refine game design through deconstruction and discussion.
Programmer with a history of divining refined game ideas from complicated premises.
Developer and designer with a penchant for radical and unconventional game ideas.
2D / 3D artist and sometimes programmer qualified in project management.